Certified Maintenance Manager (CMM)

Test Content & Lesson Curriculum (Page 5)

Unit 151 OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard
Lesson 1: What the Standard Requires
Lesson 2: Types of Chemical Hazards
Lesson 3: Material ocean state job lot near me Safety Data Sheets
Unit 262 Input/Output Devices I
akima jobs Lesson 1: Introduction to I/O Devices работа в москве
Lesson 2: Communication Systems
Lesson 3: User/Machine Interface
Lesson 4: Networks
Lesson 5: Specific System Applications
Unit 266 How Computers Function
Lesson 1: Microprocessor Structure
Lesson 2: Bus Structure
Lesson 3: Memory Devices
Lesson 4: Low-Level Computer Languages
Lesson 5: High-Level Computer Languages
Unit 267 Input/Output Devices II
Lesson 1: Magnetic and Optical Memory Devices
Lesson 2: Signal Converters and Processors
Lesson 3: Data Acquisition Systems
Lesson 4: Digital Transmission Standards
Lesson 5: Digital I/O Applications
Unit 268 Maintaining/Troubleshooting Computers
Lesson 1: Preventive Maintenance
Lesson 2: Diagnostics
Lesson 3: Test Equipment
Lesson 4: Documentation
Lesson 5: Troubleshooting Guidelines
Unit 366 Flat Roof Maintenance
Lesson 1: Introduction to Flat Roof Systems
Lesson 2: Roof-Related Components
Lesson 3: Causes of Common Roof Problems
Lesson 4: Roof Inspections
Lesson 5: Preventive Maintenance and Repairs
Lesson 6: Single-Ply Roofing
Unit 376 Examining Energy Conservation Basics
Lesson 5: работа в москве Conducting an Energy Audit
Unit 501 Introduction to Robotics
Lesson 1: Robotics in Automated Manufacturing
Lesson 2: The Basic Robot System
Lesson 3: Robot Classification I
Lesson 4: Robot Classification II
Unit 903 Implementing a Preventive Maintenance Program
Lesson 1: The Need for PM
Lesson 2: Setting Up a PM Program
Lesson 3: Scheduling PM
Lesson 4: Controlling Work
Lesson 5: Quality Control
Unit 908 Improving Labor Relations
Lesson 1: The Supervisor’s Role in Employee Relations
Lesson 2: Leading Your Employees
Lesson 3: Handling Grievances
Lesson 4: Understanding Arbitration
Lesson 5: Labor Law Basics
Unit 910 Managing a Training Program
Lesson 1: Analyzing Your Training Needs
Lesson 2: The Supervisor as Trainer
Lesson 3: Using Training Media
Lesson 4: The Adult Learner
Lesson 5: Evaluating Training Results