Certified Maintenance Professional (CMP)

Test Content & Lesson Curriculum (Page 4)

Unit 109.1 Industrial Safety and Health
Lesson 1: Introduction to Safety and Health
Lesson 2: Government Safety Regulations
Lesson 3: Personal Protective Equipment
Lesson 4: Chemical Safety
Lesson 5: Tool Safety
Lesson 6: Material Handling
Lesson 7 : Working Safely with Machinery
Lesson 8: Working Safely with Electricity
Lesson 9: Electrical Equipment Safety
Lesson 10: Fire Prevention
Lesson 11: Protecting Your Health
Lesson 12: A Safe Work Environment
Unit 261 Introduction to Computers
Lesson 1: Computer Basics
Lesson 2: Computer Hardware
Lesson 3: Computer Software
Lesson 4: Computers and Microprocessors
Lesson 5: Microprocessor Applications
Unit 901 The Supervisor’s Role in Maintenance
Lesson 1: Types of Maintenance Organizations
Lesson 2: Defining the Supervisor’s Job
Lesson 3: Supervising Hourly Personnel
Lesson 4: Becoming a Successful Leader
Lesson 5: Maintenance Planning and Operations
Unit 902 Work Authorization Techniques
Lesson 1: Work Order Systems
Lesson 2: Using Information Sources
Lesson 3: Controlling Backlog through Planning
Lesson 4: Applying Work Standards
Lesson 5: Managing Maintenance by Computer
Unit 905 Improving Performance in Maintenance
Lesson 1: Evaluating Performance
Lesson 2: Increasing Productivity
Lesson 3: Effects of Training
Lesson 4: Managing Time
Lesson 5: Stimulating Improvement
Unit 906 Spoken Communication for Supervisors
Lesson 1: Communication Objectives
Lesson 2: How To Say It
Lesson 3: Using Words Effectively
Lesson 4: How to Listen
Lesson 5: Communication Maintenance
Unit 907 Written Communication for Supervisors
Lesson 1: Planning Your Writing
Lesson 2: Building a Sentence
Lesson 3: The Mechanics of Writing
Lesson 4: Building a Paragraph
Lesson 5: Business Writing
Unit 909 Taking Corrective Action with Employees
Lesson 1: Introduction to Corrective Action
Lesson 2: Handling Personal Misconduct
Lesson 3: Enforcing Company Procedures
Lesson 4: Responding to Interpersonal Problems
Lesson 5: Dealing with Other Major Problems

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