Centralinas Chapter News


The Centralinas chapter was started by Eli and Charlotte Furo in 1996. Ray Malarkey provided his mailing list of industry contacts in the greater Charlotte area, along with asking most of his customers to come to the first meetings.

Within 2 – 3 months Centralinas Chapter was active and running. Vendors were interested and started to invite their customers. Planning monthly programs were no problem and plant tours were scheduled. Our single challenge was generating funds to pay for mailing costs as our mailing list grew each month. We had a mildly successful fund raising project. We will improve our fund raising next year.

Membership grew to about 100 within the first two years. Our goal was to reach 150 before the end of 1997, however, we have lost some to downsizing, job changes, and general lack of commitment. We still feel confident that we can add a number of new members before the end of the year.

Our major goal for the balance of this year is to create a TMT educational program at a local community college in cooperation with major employers. We have already had two meetings and hope to start class in September 1997.

Eli Furo is retiring from his company and will be devoting more time to growing the Centralinas Chapter. He will also be working with dedicated members to create additional chapters of IMI in the immediate Charlotte, NC area.


Centralinas Chapter was started in Feb 1995 and services the Charlotte, NC area with 60 – 80 members participating in monthly seminars and plant tours. We meet at John’s Rest. 2002 Westinghouse Blvd, Charlotte every third Tuesday (Except during July & August).

We are looking for addition senior members to join from the many industrial plants in the counties surrounding Charlotte. Our meeting are usually attended by 20 – 30 members and guests and many are plant engineers.

Please call the local IMI office at 1-800-500-3876 to be added to the mailing list.