IMI Maintenance “In-Training” Certification Program

An Option for Candidates Lacking Required Prerequisites

In late 2007 the International Maintenance Institute’s Training and Certification Committee recognized there were individuals who did not have the required pre-requisites for its Certification Testing, who might want to improve themselves. Also, educational institutions, Technical and Community Colleges and Trade Schools, might be training people who do not have the prerequisites that could add value to their course offerings designed for the maintenance field.

With a proposal from the Training and Certification Committee to the IMI Board of Directors, in early 2008, IMI adopted an “In-Training” Certification to accommodate a candidate who does not have the required “time-in-grade” prerequisite.

This program allows an individual participant to become a “Certified Maintenance Technician I, In-Training” or “Certified Maintenance Professional, In-Training,” for example. Also, Community Colleges, Trade Schools and Technical Colleges can benefit by incorporating IMI’s Maintenance Certification into their apprenticeship and outreach programs.

In addition, the “In-Training” Certificant will be eligible to receive a Full Certification after they complete the prerequisite amount of time-on-the-job, not to exceed three years after receiving the “In-Training” Certificate. This will give the graduate the added benefit of having a Certificate to use during his search for his first job opportunity.

NOTE: If a candidate already has accumulated the required two to three years of job related experience for skilled trades or four to five years job related experience for management levels, before he is accepted in a technical school program, or as an individual on his own, he will be eligible to take IMI’s Certification Testing for the Full Certification.

Contact a member of the Training and Certification Committee, through the International Office, with any questions.