IMI Training Policies

Training, Classes, and Courses

Individual exam results include guidance to the candidate for additional training. While IMI approved courses are specified and endorsed by the International Maintenance Institute International, preparatory and remedial training may take any of several forms:

  • Self-study (with or without periodic instructor guidance)
  • Group study (with or without periodic instructor guidance)
  • Classroom courses conducted by a qualified volunteer or professional instructor
  • Courses taught by a local college or university

Instructor-taught classes are the most desirable; each chapter is encouraged to provide training to the best of its ability, whatever it may be. Every IMI International member is entitled to the training programs he or she needs in order to succeed in certification testing.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Currently, IMI does not issue CEUs from IACET. However, many of the Institute’s professional training provider contacts can issue CEUs to their students.