IMI Training and Certification

The International Maintenance Institute’s Certification provides a structured curriculum for continuing education and internationally recognized, industry-wide credentials that identify the certificate holder’s level of maintenance knowledge and skills.

The purpose of the Certification Program is to:

  • Establish standards of knowledge for maintenance personnel.
  • Recognize individuals who have met those standards.
  • Provide credentials that are universally recognized throughout the industry.
  • Encourage continuing education.

The benefits of the Certification Program include:

  • A structure for advancement.
  • A measure for compensation.
  • A needs analysis tool.
  • A motivated, multi-skilled, and flexible maintenance workforce.
  • Improved Moral.


General Certification Information

In 1990 the International Maintenance Institute (IMI), recognizing the need for industry standards, developed its first Maintenance Certification Program for General Industry. It offers three levels of certification for the skilled trades or technicians and two levels for maintenance management.

In 2001, the Institute developed a customized Certification Program for the Water/Wastewater Industry offering three technical levels and one technical/management level.

IMI will customize certification programs for other large, specialized industries. Call the IMI Executive Office: (203) 589-6585, or E-mail: for details.

The Certification Process

The IMI Certification Program is based on testing. All levels of certification are earned by passing a written comprehensive exam or by passing a series of end-of-unit exams. Exams are conducted only by proctors appointed by the International Maintenance Institute, and only under the strictest of conditions to ensure credibility and integrity. All exams are “closed-book”.

Certification Prerequisites

The International Maintenance Institute requires that candidates for certification meet certain prerequisites. The candidate must submit documentation that establishes they meet the requirements, along with their application for certification testing. The documentation may be in the form of: copies of diplomas, degrees, certifications, and/or confirmation on their employer’s letterhead. Submission may be submitted to their proctor, or directly to the IMI Executive Office:

International Maintenance Institute
P.O. Box 404
Wallingford, CT 06492
Phone: (203) 589-6585

The required prerequisites, by industry, for each level of certification may be found by going to: Certification Prerequisites.

In-Training Certification

For those lacking the required Prerequisites, please check out an option by going to: In-Training Certification. This option will not only benefit individuals who want to improve themselves, but it will allow educational institutions, Technical and Community Colleges and Trade Schools, to add value to their course offerings designed for the maintenance field.

Multiple-Grade Testing

All categories of Technical Certification, except CMT I and CWWMT I, require a prior IMI certification. Candidates are encouraged to take one test at a time, and await results before testing for the next grade. However, due to the fact that testing opportunities may be limited in some cases, participants are permitted to take next-grade exams before receiving results for the prerequisite(s), as long as the prerequisite exam(s) was (were) attempted. In such cases, however, if the candidate passes the higher-level exam(s), but fails the prerequisite test(s), no certification is awarded. A record is kept of those exams completed successfully, and advanced-grade certification will be automatically awarded upon passing the prerequisite(s).

Passing Scores

The passing score for all IMI certification exams is 70%.


Any exam candidate who fails an exam may re-test after 60 days from the date he or she last took the exam. This time is to be used for remedial training.

Candidate Identification

Any exam candidate who is not personally known to the proctor responsible for the exam is required to provide photographic identification before being registered and given an exam booklet and answer sheet on the day of the test. Acceptable identification includes, but is not limited to: driver’s licenses, government identification cards, passports, and military identification.

Testing Fees

The fees for all exams, re-exams, and certification are:

Member: $150.00
Non-Member: $270.00

Period of Certification Validity

Following the successful completion of the required examination(s) for a specific certification level, the IMI Certification Award is valid for two years.


Re-Certification Requirements

All IMI certifications expire after two years. Anyone holding an IMI Maintenance Certification must comply with IMI’s re-certification process in order to maintain the Institute’s certification. A renewal, reminder letter and instructions will be mailed approximately three months prior to the certification expiration date. Failure to submit a complete renewal application, within six months after the certification expiration, will result in removal from IMI’s roll of certified maintenance personnel. All certification levels are renewable. It is the responsibility of the certificate holder to keep IMI informed of any change in address, and for notifying the IMI international office, if re-certification materials are not received before the certification expiration date.

Along with the IMI Re-certification Application, the following shall be submitted:

  • The renewal fee of $100.00 (USD). A late fee of $35.00 (USD) will be assessed for re-certification applications received within six months after the certification expiration date. Certifications will not be renewed if expired more than two years.
  • Documentation of 2.4 CEU’s (24 contact hours) of professional growth, continuing education taken during the two-year term of the certification. Documentation must be in the form of a certificate, or letter issued by the training provider, signed by the instructor, and stating the title of the course, completion date, and the number of CEU’s or contact hours awarded. Training topics must be related to maintenance and may include safety related topics. Please note that credit will not be granted for teaching courses, and courses taken more than once during the two-year re-certification period will only be credited once. Any questions related to the acceptance of training topics, shall be addressed to IMI prior to submission for renewal.

Training and Testing

This section covers the training curricula and materials that are available through the IMI. The curriculum for a particular level of certification will provide applicants with a guide to the subjects they can expect to find in the tests.

Click below for General Industry “Test Content and Lesson Curriculum” regarding:

Click below for Wastewater Industry Certification “Test Content and Lesson Curriculum” regarding:

Testing Procedures

For the procedure that will be followed during the actual comprehensive or end-of-unit exams, see the section on Proctor Testing Procedures.

Upon successful completion of the required testing for any IMI certification level, Arm Patches are available for purchase.

For more information:

Click below for “IMI International Certification Program Policies and Procedures”:

To apply for appointment as a proctor, see the Application for Proctor Appointment Page.

For more details on the Certification Program, see the IMI Training and Certification Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (Currently under revision!)

Contact the IMI Training Committee Members.