Why Join?

Here’s your invitation to join the International Maintenance Institute.

  • Make yourself more valuable to your employer. Establish your personal network of resource professionals through contacts with seminar speakers and other managers in your field on a one-to-one basis.
  • In the IMI you’ll be able to improve your prospects as well as your skills which in turn improves your professional worth.
  • Share maintenance experience and knowledge with other professionals to find solutions to common maintenance problems.
  • Receive professional recognition through the Certification and Training Program and the IMI Awards Program.
  • Work smarter and more efficiently by reading the informative articles in the IMI’s membership publication, The Maintenance Journal and put that information to work for you.
  • Save money by taking advantage of the IMI Credit Card Program, Car Rental Discount Program and Phone Savings Program.

IMI, PO Box 751896, Houston, TX 77275. (281-481-0869) Fax: 281-481-8337 E-mail: iminst@swbell.net